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2017-07-06 14:37Merge pull request #7 from tdemin/masterMario Domgoergen2+25-24
2017-06-06 15:03Merge pull request #6 from tdemin/masterMario Domgoergen1+35-0
2017-04-19 18:23Match mentions non-greedyMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-04-18 20:05Handle -- and unknown long optionsMario Domgoergen1+5-1
2017-04-18 19:53Warn about unknown themeMario Domgoergen1+4-1
2017-04-18 19:13Fix typoMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-04-18 19:10Expose timeout as optionMario Domgoergen1+9-3
2017-04-17 21:22Remove trailing punctuations marks from urlMario Domgoergen1+9-0
2017-04-17 21:07Add html themeMario Domgoergen1+79-1
2017-04-17 21:04Handle raw with generic theme optionMario Domgoergen1+12-9
2017-04-17 20:46Improve check for single dash option with combined argumentMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-04-17 20:45Warn to stderr if url is rewrittenMario Domgoergen1+9-5
2017-04-17 20:16Move shellcheck test to xtMario Domgoergen2+7-7
2017-04-17 20:15Use metadata from twtfile to change twturlMario Domgoergen1+21-3
2017-04-16 20:07Prevent following someone with your nickMario Domgoergen1+5-0
2017-04-16 20:06Remove local variable and add quoting in caseMario Domgoergen1+4-3
2017-04-15 16:37Update tapsigMario Domgoergen1+31-36
2017-04-15 16:28Add pre_tweet_hook and sync_twtfile (fixes #5)Mario Domgoergen2+28-0
2017-04-14 19:48Replace awk -v with interpolated scriptsMario Domgoergen1+6-3
2017-04-12 21:52Share urls @kas styleMario Domgoergen1+31-0
2017-04-12 20:04Handle 200 and 304 so we don't switch to the default caseMario Domgoergen1+5-3
2017-04-12 19:40Rewrite redirected urls and remove urls with 410Mario Domgoergen1+37-16
2017-04-12 19:16Check number of arguments in call_modeMario Domgoergen1+33-9
2017-04-12 19:06Add --force to overwrite warning for followMario Domgoergen1+34-14
2017-04-06 23:14Generalize bool options handlingMario Domgoergen1+15-12
2017-04-06 23:10Print canonical url if redirect results in 304 or 200Mario Domgoergen1+5-4
2017-04-06 22:50Increase parallel curls to 50Mario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-04-06 20:48Check if the correct version of curl is installedMario Domgoergen1+16-3
2017-04-06 20:44Change -v to -V for --versionMario Domgoergen1+3-3
2017-04-06 20:43Wrap code in main()Mario Domgoergen1+119-115
2017-04-06 20:36Remove wrong return codeMario Domgoergen1+0-3
2017-04-06 20:36Call read with -rMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-04-06 20:34Allow options at start and end of $optionsMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-04-06 20:30Allow option bundlingMario Domgoergen1+16-1
2017-04-06 19:36Use set_optarg for parsing main optionsMario Domgoergen1+5-10
2017-04-06 19:36Break out of argument handlingMario Domgoergen1+6-1
2017-04-06 19:31Generalize set_optargMario Domgoergen1+28-52
2017-04-05 21:11Allow long optionsMario Domgoergen1+161-55
2017-03-17 21:57Checks all shellcheck warningsMario Domgoergen1+11-0
2017-03-17 21:44Add proxy variablesMario Domgoergen2+14-0
2017-03-17 21:35Document colorsMario Domgoergen1+22-0
2017-03-16 21:47Allow inlining (un)?follow in tweet and replyMario Domgoergen1+13-0
2017-03-16 21:17Display a helpful comment for replyMario Domgoergen1+7-1
2017-03-15 21:51Handle timestamps without TMario Domgoergen1+5-0
2017-03-15 21:39Accept ws as field seperatorMario Domgoergen1+4-0
2017-03-14 23:53Fix typo in quickstartMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-14 23:52Remove unused variable _sort_switchesMario Domgoergen1+1-2
2017-03-14 23:52Fix markdown display errorMario Domgoergen1+3-3
2017-03-14 22:31Document formatter, sort_order, timeout, nick and twturlMario Domgoergen1+33-3
2017-03-14 22:31Remove optionsMario Domgoergen1+4-25
2017-03-14 21:53Remove old comment about http_backendMario Domgoergen1+0-4
2017-03-12 21:16Check if mailx is installedMario Domgoergen1+3-0
2017-03-12 21:16Call mkdir with -pMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-03-12 21:15Add subcommand mailpipe to process mailsMario Domgoergen1+23-0
2017-03-11 23:07Send new tweets per mailMario Domgoergen1+21-0
2017-03-11 23:07Handle empty last_timelineMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-11 22:55Remove repetitive codeMario Domgoergen1+3-10
2017-03-11 22:54Use predefined globale variable last_timeline in filter_tweetsMario Domgoergen1+32-2
2017-03-11 22:25Match comment to codeMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-11 21:42Collapse four commands into one awk scriptMario Domgoergen1+25-18
2017-03-11 21:05Show fractional seconds in raw outputMario Domgoergen1+51-49
2017-03-11 21:03Remove debugging outputMario Domgoergen1+0-2
2017-03-11 20:34Add -v to print verbose messagesMario Domgoergen1+17-11
2017-03-11 20:29Print version with -V to make space for verbose -vMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-03-10 20:48Silence cmpMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-10 20:46Fix typoMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-03-10 20:41Use $program_name to find cache and config dirMario Domgoergen1+3-3
2017-03-09 21:07Accept bright as an alternative for boldMario Domgoergen1+1-0
2017-03-09 21:04Replace next with continue (sh is not perl)Mario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-09 21:03Prevent running curl without any argumentsMario Domgoergen1+6-1
2017-03-09 20:59Refactor out curl callMario Domgoergen1+11-7
2017-03-08 22:34Add support for background colors and attributesMario Domgoergen1+42-7
2017-03-08 20:52Use output file for time-condMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-08 20:52Add configuration key to timeout http requestsMario Domgoergen2+8-0
2017-03-07 23:01Add --compressed to curlMario Domgoergen1+3-2
2017-03-07 22:48Handle timeline with and without argumentsMario Domgoergen1+26-16
2017-03-07 22:47Do not export follow_fileMario Domgoergen1+1-2
2017-03-07 22:46Check if logfiles exists at allMario Domgoergen1+1-0
2017-03-07 22:45View timeline of remote urlMario Domgoergen1+8-0
2017-03-07 22:43Set user_agent globallyMario Domgoergen1+6-6
2017-03-07 21:31Update only requested feedsMario Domgoergen1+19-3
2017-03-07 21:26Add subcommand for sync-followingsMario Domgoergen1+27-15
2017-03-07 21:08Sync following from remote urlMario Domgoergen1+36-1
2017-03-06 21:28Display unformatted timeline with -RMario Domgoergen1+10-2
2017-03-05 23:01Fall back to fold if fmt isn't availableMario Domgoergen1+8-2
2017-03-05 22:03Remove gsub that matches nothingMario Domgoergen1+0-2
2017-03-05 21:50Create follow file if it does not already existMario Domgoergen1+4-0
2017-03-05 21:42Ensure compatibility with mac osxMario Domgoergen1+4-5
2017-03-04 22:25Add test for shellcheckMario Domgoergen3+169-0
2017-03-04 21:58Add travis fileMario Domgoergen1+7-0
2017-03-04 21:54Remove redirection for pipelined process_stat_logMario Domgoergen1+1-2
2017-03-04 21:53Make shellcheck happyMario Domgoergen1+15-3
2017-03-04 21:45Reference right variableMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-04 21:44Call xargs without -P if xargs_parallel is set to 0Mario Domgoergen1+6-2
2017-03-04 21:42Do not allow backslashes to escape any characters in readMario Domgoergen1+6-6
2017-03-04 21:41Replace type from xsi with posix commandMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-04 20:44Replace scheme in right variabe and do some checksMario Domgoergen1+7-5
2017-03-04 20:41Run process_stat_log in pipe to not pollute environmentMario Domgoergen1+1-3
2017-03-04 20:13Replace dynamic call with hardcoded functionMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-04 20:08Remove all backends but curlMario Domgoergen3+14-77
2017-03-03 22:49Allow user to unfollow nick or urlMario Domgoergen1+7-8
2017-03-03 22:10Warn about all error codesMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-03 21:55Log redirects and error codes to stderrMario Domgoergen1+41-20
2017-03-03 21:55Fix indentationMario Domgoergen1+10-10
2017-03-02 23:19Lowercase hostname in urls for collapse_mentionsMario Domgoergen1+14-5
2017-03-02 22:32Fix typoMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-02 21:48Remove local propMario Domgoergen1+0-2
2017-03-02 21:46Uniq tweetsMario Domgoergen1+15-1
2017-03-02 21:46Fix typoMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-02 21:14Follow your local twtfileMario Domgoergen1+21-7
2017-03-02 21:07Úse local variable for nickMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-03-02 21:06Ignore missing following fileMario Domgoergen1+3-1
2017-03-02 20:54Ignore missing propertiesMario Domgoergen1+3-1
2017-03-02 20:54Set default for nickMario Domgoergen1+2-1
2017-03-02 20:46Silence ftp uploadingMario Domgoergen1+3-1
2017-03-02 20:45Use TAB as seperator for sortMario Domgoergen1+3-1
2017-03-02 10:32Merge pull request #2 from trqx/txMario Domgoergen1+3-0
2017-03-01 22:59Skip tweets from the futureMario Domgoergen1+8-2
2017-03-01 22:45Add error message if you're not following anyoneMario Domgoergen1+3-1
2017-03-01 22:44Simplify relative date logicMario Domgoergen1+6-6
2017-03-01 22:44Fix typoMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-01 21:40Remove backslashed newlines from fileMario Domgoergen1+1-5
2017-03-01 21:38Fix numerical sortingMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-01 21:23Show relative datesMario Domgoergen1+37-7
2017-03-01 21:23Remove test that's always trueMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-03-01 20:35Add more quotesMario Domgoergen1+3-3
2017-03-01 20:32Simplify quotingMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-03-01 20:31Use variables in $(()) without $Mario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-03-01 20:29Remove variabes from printf format stringsMario Domgoergen1+19-18
2017-03-01 20:14Replace if else patten matching with caseMario Domgoergen1+5-7
2017-03-01 19:57Normalize timestampMario Domgoergen1+25-3
2017-03-01 19:53Check gpg signatures only when requestedMario Domgoergen3+11-1
2017-02-28 23:55Enforce specMario Domgoergen1+17-4
2017-02-28 23:07Warn that sign_twtfile might break some clientsMario Domgoergen1+8-4
2017-02-28 22:24Ignore https vs http for collapsingMario Domgoergen1+6-2
2017-02-27 20:57Add see also with twtxt and we-are-twtxtMario Domgoergen1+6-0
2017-02-27 20:55Document http_backend, disclose_identity and always_updateMario Domgoergen1+20-6
2017-02-27 16:41Remove second call to update and unify timeline call in replyMario Domgoergen1+1-6
2017-02-27 13:47Remove unnecessary path seperatorsMario Domgoergen1+3-3
2017-02-27 13:21Merge pull request #1 from aloisdg/patch-1Mario Domgoergen1+6-6
2017-02-27 13:07Fix call to missing functionMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-26 22:45Check if draft file is emptyMario Domgoergen1+2-3
2017-02-26 22:33Note dependency on ipfs for publishing to ipfsMario Domgoergen2+3-1
2017-02-26 21:29Add function header to post_tweet_hook in readmeMario Domgoergen1+3-4
2017-02-26 19:20Use correct variable for ipfs argumentsMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-26 16:52Subscribe to users with ipns://Mario Domgoergen2+23-0
2017-02-26 16:47Publish with ipfsMario Domgoergen2+31-0
2017-02-26 14:23Document new default for http_backendMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-26 14:21Sign twtfile with pgpMario Domgoergen3+27-4
2017-02-26 14:00Document scp and ftp modeMario Domgoergen2+42-0
2017-02-25 21:49Publish twtfile with ftpMario Domgoergen1+14-0
2017-02-25 21:49Support scp_remote_nameMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-25 21:43Add configuration scp_host and scp_userMario Domgoergen1+14-0
2017-02-25 21:36Set disclose_identity in quickstartMario Domgoergen1+3-1
2017-02-25 21:36Document quickstartMario Domgoergen1+7-0
2017-02-25 20:59Ask questions for new users in quickstartMario Domgoergen1+39-0
2017-02-25 20:41Use stty to read one key without echo and newlineMario Domgoergen1+12-4
2017-02-24 21:32Import we-are-twtxt in quickstartMario Domgoergen1+5-0
2017-02-24 21:31Prompt before importing twtxt settingsMario Domgoergen1+17-6
2017-02-23 22:43Add quickstart command that imports twtxt settingsMario Domgoergen1+34-0
2017-02-23 22:27Document generic http backendMario Domgoergen1+4-0
2017-02-23 22:25Add documentationMario Domgoergen1+41-0
2017-02-23 20:12Sort tweets after limitingMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-02-23 14:18Add missing .txt suffix to curl backendMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-22 21:22Prefix error messages with nickMario Domgoergen1+9-8
2017-02-20 22:32Read config before options are parsedMario Domgoergen1+18-17
2017-02-20 22:32Precompute number of arguments for http_backendMario Domgoergen1+7-6
2017-02-20 21:42Add MakefileMario Domgoergen1+7-0
2017-02-20 21:38Add function commentsMario Domgoergen1+29-0
2017-02-20 21:37Rename args_for_unknown to args_for_genericMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-02-20 21:34Call args_for_* with explicit argumentsMario Domgoergen1+8-8
2017-02-20 21:10Colorize hashtags and nicks with underscoresMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-02-20 21:06Remove unneeded argument --output for gpgMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-20 21:06Eliminate TAB variableMario Domgoergen1+3-4
2017-02-20 21:05Interpret limit=0 as limitlessMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-20 21:03Order variables and add commentsMario Domgoergen1+23-10
2017-02-20 20:51Move -c and -B to subcommandsMario Domgoergen1+18-19
2017-02-20 20:43Use readable options for curl and wgetMario Domgoergen1+18-3
2017-02-20 20:38Reorder functionsMario Domgoergen1+128-120
2017-02-20 19:08Change default to curl and fallback to wgetMario Domgoergen1+13-4
2017-02-20 19:03Show gpg and tls properties in uiMario Domgoergen2+44-8
2017-02-19 23:00Inject tweet properties into pipelineMario Domgoergen1+41-33
2017-02-19 22:28Save twtfiles in same location regardless which http backend is usedMario Domgoergen1+23-22
2017-02-19 21:07Set editor and pager in configuration fileMario Domgoergen2+11-2
2017-02-19 21:05Colorize hashtags and mentionsMario Domgoergen2+43-23
2017-02-19 13:29Document searchesMario Domgoergen1+15-0
2017-02-19 13:23Add installation sectionMario Domgoergen1+11-0
2017-02-17 21:15Reworked logic of unfollowMario Domgoergen1+3-2
2017-02-17 21:15Add search with the -S switchMario Domgoergen1+10-3
2017-02-16 21:52Replace txtnix with txtnishMario Domgoergen1+3-3
2017-02-16 21:49Remove view and move functionality to timelineMario Domgoergen2+15-28
2017-02-16 20:52Add example config for txtnishMario Domgoergen1+46-0
2017-02-16 17:16Set number of parallel processes via max_procs or -NMario Domgoergen1+8-5
2017-02-16 17:11Add options to use curlMario Domgoergen1+55-27
2017-02-16 17:09Add optional argument NICK for replyMario Domgoergen1+6-1
2017-02-16 17:05Swap offset additionMario Domgoergen1+2-2
2017-02-16 17:04Use XDG environment variablesMario Domgoergen1+3-2
2017-02-15 21:22Switch from list to headers in readmeMario Domgoergen1+26-26
2017-02-15 21:18Added synopsis, description, options and license to readmeMario Domgoergen1+105-1
2017-02-15 20:53Add disclose_identityMario Domgoergen1+7-1
2017-02-15 20:47Filter feeds for evil escape squencesMario Domgoergen1+5-1
2017-02-14 22:49Add option -u and -U to toggle always_updateMario Domgoergen1+17-6
2017-02-14 22:32Add options -p and -P to toggle use_pagerMario Domgoergen1+8-4
2017-02-14 22:28Disable -e in case xargs returns != 0Mario Domgoergen1+1-2
2017-02-14 22:14Add command publishMario Domgoergen1+10-0
2017-02-14 22:10Added reply commandMario Domgoergen1+24-1
2017-02-14 22:09Added set -eMario Domgoergen1+2-0
2017-02-14 21:24Rename add_nick_url to prefix_nick_urlMario Domgoergen1+3-3
2017-02-14 21:20Add option sort_orderMario Domgoergen1+16-3
2017-02-14 21:19Write error msg in die to stderrMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-14 20:54Redirect usage to stderr without -hMario Domgoergen1+2-0
2017-02-14 20:54Check required parametersMario Domgoergen1+6-0
2017-02-14 20:48Parse options for all subcommandsMario Domgoergen1+102-21
2017-02-14 08:53Display short program name in error messagesMario Domgoergen1+3-1
2017-02-14 08:53Add usage and optionsMario Domgoergen1+56-6
2017-02-13 21:50Remove hardcoded file namesMario Domgoergen1+30-25
2017-02-13 07:41Call post_tweet_hook after tweetingMario Domgoergen1+5-0
2017-02-13 07:39Set OFS in collapse_mentionsMario Domgoergen1+1-0
2017-02-13 07:39Create all directories on startupMario Domgoergen1+3-1
2017-02-13 07:32Add subcommand tweetMario Domgoergen1+45-2
2017-02-13 07:19Implement viewMario Domgoergen1+41-8
2017-02-12 23:13Implement follow, unfollow and followingMario Domgoergen1+45-0
2017-02-12 23:12Collapse mentionsMario Domgoergen1+37-1
2017-02-12 22:10Send specific user-agent stringMario Domgoergen1+2-1
2017-02-12 20:45Use $PAGER if setMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-12 20:44Add option to disable colorsMario Domgoergen1+5-2
2017-02-12 20:42Add color supportMario Domgoergen1+22-1
2017-02-12 19:51Use pagerMario Domgoergen1+5-1
2017-02-12 19:50Make tab character obviousMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-12 19:51Read configMario Domgoergen1+8-0
2017-02-12 19:49Use timezone to order tweetsMario Domgoergen1+30-23
2017-02-11 23:33Seperate normalize_time and prefix linesMario Domgoergen1+10-10
2017-02-11 23:32Increase number of parallel wgetsMario Domgoergen1+1-1
2017-02-11 23:16Create README.mdMario Domgoergen1+2-0
2017-02-11 23:15Update LICENSE.mdMario Domgoergen1+674-0
2017-02-11 23:14Add command timeline and updateMario Domgoergen1+98-0