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2016-10-07 09:36Update ''tx1+1-1
2016-10-07 08:39Update ''tx1+6-2
2016-10-07 08:38Update ''tx1+5-3
2016-02-25 17:47fix non-ascii chars crashtrqx1+2-2
2016-02-24 20:44y u no vim?trqx1+1-0
2016-02-24 20:39s/users online/anons online/trqx1+1-1
2016-02-24 20:25display number of connected users in channels topictrqx1+14-16
2016-02-24 19:15do not send PART messages to other clientstrqx1+1-1
2016-02-24 19:14send no such nick to whois requeststrqx1+2-15
2016-02-24 18:53send anon list of userstrqx1+1-5
2016-02-24 18:06send PRIVMSG as anon for other userstrqx1+11-7
2015-08-16 20:42Handle quickly disconnecting client without crashingJoel Rosdahl2+10-3
2015-08-04 08:45Find certificate specified with relative path when using --daemonJoel Rosdahl2+9-0
2015-05-22 19:45Prepare for v1.1Joel Rosdahl2+5-1
2015-05-22 19:45Allow dash in nicknamesJoel Rosdahl1+1-1
2015-02-09 18:29Prepare for v1.0Joel Rosdahl2+2-2
2015-02-09 18:24Keep pep8 happyJoel Rosdahl1+3-3
2015-02-09 18:22Update CHANGESJoel Rosdahl1+8-7
2015-02-09 18:02Python 2.5 not supported anymore due to exception "as" syntaxkalenz1+1-2
2015-02-03 07:45Python 3 supportkalenz2+10-11
2014-08-23 13:49update: Updated authors and contributors listingMarek Šuppa1+6-6
2014-07-31 13:43Made Python code PEP8 cleanJoel Rosdahl3+12-7
2014-07-31 13:41Minor cleanupJoel Rosdahl1+5-3
2014-07-18 16:23Use split to parse user/group IDRezrov Frotz1+5-8
2014-06-30 16:06Allow mixed case in user/group namesRezrov Frotz1+2-1
2014-07-17 16:14Removed needless setres[gu]id to allow --setuid to work with Python 2…Martin Maney2+4-4
2014-07-16 12:07Add note that Python 2.7 is required for --setuidJoel Rosdahl1+2-2
2014-07-16 12:05Update CHANGES and READMEJoel Rosdahl2+5-3
2014-07-16 12:03Code style fixupJoel Rosdahl1+4-3
2014-06-28 01:41Added --listen option to set address to bind toMartin Maney1+12-2
2014-06-23 20:17Made miniircd pyflakes clean againJoel Rosdahl1+3-6
2014-06-23 20:14Only import pwd and grp modules when needed since Windows doesn't hav…Joel Rosdahl1+2-2
2014-06-23 20:13Minor cleanupsJoel Rosdahl3+59-58
2014-06-18 18:03Updated README.Rezrov Frotz1+0-3
2014-06-18 18:01Added warning if running as root, added make jail, updated README.Rezrov Frotz3+25-24
2014-06-13 21:53fixed setids/setuid bugRezrov Frotz1+4-4
2014-06-11 15:58Added options for chroot and setting the server uid/gid.Rezrov Frotz3+106-2
2013-10-14 18:22Add contributors to README.mdJoel Rosdahl1+9-2
2013-10-14 18:19Avoid crashing due to TypeError on SSL connection errorJoel Rosdahl1+8-5
2013-10-10 14:57Add basic SSL support via --ssl-pem-fileLeandro Lucarella3+28-3
2013-02-20 20:08Update CHANGESJoel Rosdahl1+4-0
2013-02-11 12:13Reordering luser to keep alphabetical orderAlex Wright1+4-4
2013-02-11 12:11Adding test case for the lusers command.Alex Wright1+5-0
2013-02-03 08:16Moving luser output to it's own method.Alex Wright1+6-4
2013-02-02 19:07Adding /luser support.Alex Wright1+5-0
2013-02-10 16:44Fix race condition when tearing down test caseJoel Rosdahl2+2-1
2012-07-01 16:28Prepare for version 0.4Joel Rosdahl2+4-3
2012-07-01 16:23Fix crash when the write queue for a disconnected client is non-emptyJoel Rosdahl2+4-2
2012-01-18 18:32ISON supportMatt Behrens2+21-1
2011-12-04 21:23Add test suiteJoel Rosdahl3+346-0
2011-12-04 21:22Optionally store persistent state (currently channel topic and key)Joel Rosdahl1+83-40
2011-12-04 21:21Sort nick/channel lists before sending replyJoel Rosdahl1+3-2
2011-12-04 21:20Add .gitignoreJoel Rosdahl1+1-0
2011-12-04 21:16Minor fixes of reply messagesJoel Rosdahl1+8-5
2011-11-22 22:07Add and use a create_directory functionJoel Rosdahl1+7-2
2011-11-22 22:03Refactor code into Server.add_channel functionJoel Rosdahl1+6-3
2011-11-21 12:51Allow specified key for keyless channelsJoel Rosdahl1+3-1
2011-11-21 12:48Flush after writing info/debug messagesJoel Rosdahl1+2-0
2011-11-18 12:45Add support for WALLOPSJoel Rosdahl2+10-0
2011-11-17 20:51Update with newsJoel Rosdahl1+1-1
2011-09-22 19:38Add support for channel keysJoel Rosdahl2+84-38
2011-11-16 20:59Send 422 message after registration when no MOTD is availableJoel Rosdahl1+2-0
2011-09-22 18:50Refactor 403 reply into a methodJoel Rosdahl1+6-6
2011-08-27 09:21Fix version sed-ingJoel Rosdahl1+1-1
2011-08-25 18:43Prepare for version 0.3Joel Rosdahl2+12-4
2011-08-25 18:42Minor tweaks to welcome messagesJoel Rosdahl1+2-2
2011-08-24 20:23Simplify sed expressionJoel Rosdahl1+1-1
2011-08-21 14:17Convert README to markdownJoel Rosdahl3+51-54
2011-08-21 11:48Let message_channel always include the prefixJoel Rosdahl1+11-31
2011-08-21 11:37Remove unused variablesJoel Rosdahl1+1-4
2011-08-20 21:42Add optional logging of channelsJoel Rosdahl1+36-8
2011-08-20 21:03Pass options instance to ServerJoel Rosdahl1+8-8
2011-08-20 21:00Refactor 461 reply into a methodJoel Rosdahl1+10-10
2011-08-20 20:56Remove unused stuffJoel Rosdahl1+0-22
2011-08-20 20:55Tidy up the code a bitJoel Rosdahl1+98-239
2011-08-20 20:21Minor cleanupJoel Rosdahl1+7-20
2011-08-20 20:14Minor tweaksJoel Rosdahl1+21-12
2011-08-20 20:10Use raw strings for regexpsJoel Rosdahl1+3-3
2011-08-20 20:09Use optparse instead of getoptJoel Rosdahl2+42-47
2011-08-20 19:46PEP8-ified namesJoel Rosdahl1+122-122
2011-08-20 19:17Simplified propertiesJoel Rosdahl1+79-139
2011-08-20 19:02Use set() instead of obsolete sets.Set()Joel Rosdahl1+4-5
2011-08-20 19:01Understand but ignore AWAY commandsJoel Rosdahl1+4-0
2011-08-20 18:56Send a 251 message upon registration since Pidgin apparently relies o…Joel Rosdahl1+8-0
2011-08-20 17:57Add --debug flagJoel Rosdahl1+19-3
2011-08-20 17:56Correct version numberJoel Rosdahl1+2-2
2003-12-12 19:22Preparations before version 0.2Joel Rosdahl2+14-4
2003-12-12 19:15Add MOTD and WHOIS commandsJoel Rosdahl1+84-2
2003-12-12 18:37Add Emacs mode hintJoel Rosdahl1+1-0
2003-12-11 18:40Add web site to READMEJoel Rosdahl1+6-2
2003-12-11 18:39Don't send PING in the registration phase, just disconnectJoel Rosdahl1+7-2
2003-12-11 18:39Add some explicit returns after call to Client.disconnectJoel Rosdahl1+4-1
2003-12-11 18:38Preparations before version 0.1.1Joel Rosdahl1+5-0
2003-12-11 18:37Remove unnecessary use of sets.Set in Client.messageChannelJoel Rosdahl2+3-7
2003-12-11 18:37Remove debug codeJoel Rosdahl2+0-14
2003-12-11 18:37Update READMEJoel Rosdahl2+5-5
2003-12-11 18:36Wrap most long lines to fit within 80 columnsJoel Rosdahl2+246-231
2003-12-11 18:36Handle bad port specificationJoel Rosdahl2+7-3
2003-12-11 18:35Open /dev/null for writing tooJoel Rosdahl2+3-5
2003-12-11 18:35Add TODOJoel Rosdahl1+15-0
2003-12-03 06:30Preparations before version 0.1Joel Rosdahl2+4-2
2003-12-03 06:23Add daemonization optionJoel Rosdahl1+36-6
2003-12-03 06:03Add more limitations to READMEJoel Rosdahl1+2-0
2003-12-03 06:01Add ping timeoutsJoel Rosdahl1+29-4
2003-12-02 20:56Tiny fiddling with help textJoel Rosdahl2+3-5
2003-12-02 20:54Add CHANGES replyJoel Rosdahl1+7-0
2003-12-02 20:51Make handler functions for commandsJoel Rosdahl1+41-13
2003-12-02 20:40Screw tagging-method implicitJoel Rosdahl1+0-1
2003-12-02 20:34Add license, Makefile and some documentationJoel Rosdahl4+415-3
2003-11-05 18:21Correct argument parsing and QUIT messageJoel Rosdahl1+12-5
2003-09-29 14:32Remove late call to socket.peername()Joel Rosdahl1+0-1
2003-09-18 18:22Fix use of socket.getpeername() after socket has been closedJoel Rosdahl1+2-2
2003-09-17 13:53Don't require python2.3 in the "#! line"Joel Rosdahl1+1-1
2003-09-17 11:32Initial importJoel Rosdahl1+703-0