code - mirror of gopher://

NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
anonircd"anonymous" fork of miniircdtx2016-10-07 09:36
atom2gphatom to gph (geomyidae gopher maps) generator tx2018-08-27 09:23
bb8-pomodorobb8 pomodoro app controlled via irctx2016-12-29 15:06
borg-script-templateborg backup script templatetx2017-03-23 16:56
botanircbotany as an irc bot tx2019-02-24 11:03
brightnessset brightness on a 1080 pinebook tx2018-11-19 09:03
cleantmpcleanup a directory according to rules tx2019-03-05 11:40
cnumpopnumpop in c tx2017-05-15 19:42
display tx2018-07-18 08:23
dmenumy tweaks on dmenu on tx branch tx2019-11-26 10:08
dmsa python dead man switch script tx2018-07-12 15:04
dwmmy dwm config in tx branch tx2018-10-10 10:04
dwmstatusdwm status setter tx2017-05-03 14:52
fiche-gopherfork of fiche using gopher url scheme tx2017-07-13 07:38
fortune-mod-sashagreya fortune mod with quotes from Sasha Grey tx2018-11-20 15:56
githubmirrorDEAD: mirror github user repos/starred as static files for http servers tx2017-04-14 15:33
goatflareweb page elements obfuscation tx2019-02-15 15:58 / f2ddzkifsofibtjc.onion / gopher server tx2019-03-12 17:12
gophermap2gphread gophermap from stdin, output gph tx2018-01-28 18:22
gopherproxy-cGopher HTTP proxy in C (CGI) tx2018-08-22 08:23
gopherproxy(mirror) Gopher (RFC 1436) Web Proxy prologic2017-06-26 08:54
gopherscriptsscripts to handle gopher bookmarks and diff them tx2017-09-13 11:30
hextxtgenerate ascii hex grids tx2018-02-16 10:30
ipfsaddpubone liner to IPFS add recursively then publish tx2017-04-19 17:53
iphlogphlog indexer for geomyidae tx2019-03-12 17:13
ircpipepipe anything to irctx2017-03-17 17:15
joskesite de la fédération française de Joške-Rit-Schinken tx2018-08-02 15:15
jrjr keeps a journal in plain text. tx2019-03-01 11:21
mailordiemailordie: yet another php mailformtx2016-10-21 14:31
mfbgmy fmbg fork tx2018-11-22 11:05
microquestcli to gamify anything - an alternative to liferpg / habiticatx2017-04-11 17:41
private_diploNonepips-2012-11-22 12:14
pygallerymake html gallery index tx2018-11-16 11:22
python-templatepython project template tx2017-08-08 09:51
rdrrdr - get plain text content of web pagestx2018-01-04 17:43
redbuttonredbutton microbit code and client tx2020-01-27 08:05
reptilizereptilize text tx2018-10-23 09:01
saccmy sacc branch / configuration tx2018-11-23 09:22
scrollscroll stuff on phatscroll trqx2018-07-12 15:30
shroomridersauce of shroomrider.comtx2014-03-25 16:25
shuriSimple url shortener scriptpips-2017-02-07 13:13
slockmy slock config tx2018-12-05 11:28
slowSlow down input to outputpips-2016-11-03 12:38
smsm - cli smallbook client tx2020-03-18 15:19
sopel-eftaiossopel module to play ESCAPE FROM THE ALIENS IN OUTER SPACE tx2018-02-27 16:25
sopel-festivalmake sopel say an irc channel text using festivaltx2017-01-13 08:23
sopel-mafiaan IRC game module for sopel, based on mafia with a cyber themetx2017-02-02 16:20
sopel-modulessome sopel modulestx2016-02-17 14:34
sporzPHP implementation of the board game "sporz"gitus2016-11-30 13:44
srlsrl | srlsy basic ShortuRLtx2017-03-02 10:06
stmy st configuration (tx branch) tx2017-09-05 09:14
stagit-gopher-helperuse stagit-gopher / stagit-gopher-index in a directory tx2017-08-19 21:28
stagit-gopherstagit-gopher with my modifications on tx branch tx2017-08-03 13:09
stagit-helperuse stagit / stagit-index in a directory tx2017-04-19 12:00
stagitstagit with my modifications on tx branch tx2017-08-03 13:07
stagithubDEAD: a stagit helper to mirror users github repos tx2017-04-15 12:17
supermeetbot2019-02-25 13:54
tailimaptail -f for imap mailboxtx2017-03-17 17:05
timecapsuleshare keys / encrypt / decrypt files for pseudo time-capsule cryptotx2017-03-30 20:47
toolsNonepips-2016-10-05 10:08
trqx-csssimple css tx2019-02-05 14:07
tryphontryphon API and microcontroller code tx2020-01-08 11:58
ttsapilocal api to do tts using mimic and google translate apitx2017-03-16 07:14
ttsscriptsmisc scriptstx2017-03-24 15:17
twgwtxttwitter -> twtxt oneway gatewaytx2017-03-07 10:59
twtxt-timelineWIPtx2017-03-10 09:39
twtxtmirror of buckket2017-03-17 13:14
txtnish mirror mdom2017-07-06 14:37
weeblinkMakes a teensy blink upon weechat receiving new messages.tx2015-12-12 18:29
weechat-selfcensorself-censor stuff you were going to say tx2018-09-23 07:06
zyklonsimple python monitoring / alert script tx2019-01-25 09:45